Welcome to Volunteer Centre Sefton

Volunteer Centre Sefton promotes, supports and develops Volunteering in the borough of Sefton.

Volunteer Centre Sefton offers an advice and placement service to people who are interested in becoming volunteers and practical support to local volunteer-involving voluntary and community agencies.

Between April 2005 and March 2006 Volunteer Centre Sefton distributed 564 volunteer packs, received 742 volunteer enquiries via the Internet and conducted 212 volunteer interviews.

Volunteer Centre Sefton strives to ensure that Volunteers are not discriminated against and that they are fully supported throughout their voluntary activity.

Volunteer Centre Sefton collects information about local volunteer involving organisations and their current volunteer opportunities. The Volunteer Centre also works with local organisations to develop new and exciting volunteering opportunities.

Volunteering is a fundamental part of life in the UK. Over three-quarters of the UK population are involved in volunteering, either through an organisation or group, or on a more informal basis.

Want to Volunteer?

Volunteer Centre Sefton offers a free information, advice and referral service to all members of the public who are interested in finding out about Volunteering.

Download a list of Recent and Urgent Volunteer Opportunities

Are you aged 16-25 and looking for voluntary work? Volunteering can be rewarding and fun. For details visit: Sefton Millennium Volunteers.

do-it.org.ukSearch for opportunities to volunteer via the ‘National Volunteering Database’. Thousands of opportunities are listed on the site and can be easily searched by entering key information such as postcode, activity etc. Volunteer Centre Sefton currently advertises over 307 local voluntary organisations and 800 volunteer opportunities via: www.do-it.org.uk.